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Diploma in Civil Engineering

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National Diploma in Technology (Civil Engineering)
The NDT course in Civil Engineering Technology is conducted by the Division of Civil Engineering Technology. This programme of study is intended to produce personnel with required technological competencies to be employed in the Civil Engineering industry.

A fully fledged diplomate is initially expected to function as the link between the professional Engineer or Manager and the workforce at the field level. This role requires a diplomate to develop professional, communication and certain managerial skills.

Scope of the Field of Study
The scope of the field of study consists of the fundamental principles, theories, design and drawing, measurements, investigations, construction, management and maintenance related to the field of study.

The course is conducted in English medium.

Basic qualification for the entry to the NDT programme is passing GCE (Advance Level) examination at the same attempt in maths stream.

Applicants should be below 24 years on application date.

Who Should Enrol
School leavers after their first, second and third attempts of GCE (Advance Level) examinations and fulfilling above criteria. Aptitude for engineering technology and sound knowledge in English would be distinctive advantages.

Registration Procedure
Evey year, applications are called from eligible students through the gazzet, paper advertisements and through the website ( The interested students should submit a completed application form. A pre-determined number of eligible students will be called for an aptitude test based on their Z-score.

The students passing this test are invited to register for the programme according to their aptitude test marks and on the number of vacancies of the district quota.

About Institute of Technology,
University of Moratuwa (ITUM)

ITUM was established in 2000 to conduct the NDT programme.The history of the NDT programme dates back to the period of Ceylon Technical College, Maradana established in 1893 as it conducted predisessor to the NDT programme, the Junior Technical Officers (JTO) course. In 1960, the JTO programme was transferred to the Institute of Practical Technology (IPT) at Katubedda which was built with aid from the Government of Canada.

The IPT was amalgamated with the Ceylon College of Technology, which was later established in the same premises, and in 1972 bacame the Katubedda Campus of the University of Ceylon.

In 1967, the NDT programme was introduced in place of the JTO programme and continued its journey at the same premises under different authorities till year 2000. In year 2000, the Institute of Technology, University of Moratuwa (ITUM) was formed by an Act of Parliament to exclusively conduct the NDT programme which was then transferred from the Faculty of Engineering.

The ITUM consist of five (5) divisions and conducts 9 different study fields.

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